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Rent a Forest Service Cabin in Arizona

by TrailBoss

Did you know that the Forest Service offers cabin rentals on National Forest land?  These cabins are located from the rim of the Grand Canyon to the Red Rocks of Sedona and other beautiful locations situated in the forests of Arizona.

Cabins range from rustic to modern.  This program offers visitors time in the wild but with a more substantial ‘roof’ over their heads.  The rentals are furnished with heaters, refrigerators, beds, tables and chairs.

The rentals differ from hotels as there is no maid service and guests must agree to clean up after their stay.  The agreement is to leave the rental in as good or better shape than you found it.

The rentals will accommodate from 6-50 per night depending on the cabin and it’s location.

For more information or to make reservations call:  877-833-6777 or visit the website:  Make a reservation.

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