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With it’s status as a retirement community very much confirmed, Sun City is the perfect place for those who want to see just how much fun senior citizens can be. Located in Maricopa county within the Phoenix metropolitan area, Sun City was built on the site where the ghost town of Marinette once stood. It’s adjoined by Sun City West, which is another retirement community. There’s plenty to do in Sun City from the indoor activities such as bowling and pool and the outdoor activities like swimming, hiking and golf. There’s also plenty of shopping, restaurants and museums to keep the more easy going people entertained.

Sun City was opened in 1960 by the Del Webb Corporation as a retirement community for senior citizens. On it’s opening weekend, more than a hundred thousand people showed up, which was much more than anticipated and drew the attention of Time magazine who ran the event as their cover story. When Sun City opened, it had five homes, a shopping center and a golf course. It quickly expanded and in 1980 had a population of forty thousand residents. Sun City is popular with snowbirds, these aren’t the kind of birds you might think they are but rather people from the northern part of the continent who like to migrate down south for warmer weather, which Sun City has plenty of. Sun City West was built in the late 1970s to cope with the rapid expansion of Sun City.

Sun City is known for its many wonderful golf courses, which is a popular sport for retirees. Some of the best golfing is to be had at courses such as the Sun City Country Club with a challenging but enjoyable 18 hole course it’s a must for players of all ages and experience levels, for those who prefer to observe rather than play, the country club’s restaurant offers a wide range of delicious fare.

The city also holds many festivals and events throughout the year, with many musical acts, food trucks, theater revues and dance recitals, Sun City has a lot going on and if that isn’t enough, Sun City has a lively night life with pubs, bars and dance clubs designed to please those who have a taste for the nocturnal.

Sun City has been a popular city for people with RV’s for many years and has numerous campsites and facilities for those with such a vehicle. There are also numerous hotel and motel options that range from the basic to the luxurious, once you have spent some time in Sun City and explored it’s many neighborhoods and history, it’s easy to see why people from all over the world enjoy coming to sample the delights this great little city has to offer. A wonderful place to relax and with a little bit of everything for everyone, Sun City has something for people of all ages and is guaranteed to bring people back year after year.