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Cave Creek Arizona

Throughout the beautiful state of Arizona, visitors can enjoy the breathtaking views of painted canyons, rolling foothills, and large deserts. Scattered among these stunning natural wonders are several towns and cities that reflect Arizona’s unique history and culture. Cave Creek is a town that all travelers should visit during a trip to Arizona.

Location and History

Cave Creek is located in central Arizona, directly north of the sprawling capital of Phoenix. Cave Creek has its roots in the rich history of American expansion into western territories of North America. Originally, Cave Creek was formed as a gold mining town in the mid-1870s. Many fortune seekers from the East would travel to Cave Creek in search of adventure and opportunity. After the gold rush began to fade, Cave Creek became an outpost of sorts for the United States Army’s cavalry units. The rich western history of Cave Creek has had a clear impact on the culture and tourism of the town.


Cave Creek is an ideal location for travelers of all ages and preferences. This small town offers plenty to do for both thrill seekers and history buffs hoping to learn a new fact or two. The Cave Creek Museum details the town’s Western history through the display of artifacts and antiques from past years. The Arizona Archaeological Society also offers interesting opportunities to expand one’s historical horizons. Reenactments and western themed attractions will surely make these histories feel exciting and refreshing. For those individuals who desire a faster paced traveling experience in Cave Creek, there are numerous outdoors adventures that will surely fulfill one’s craving for adventure.

The area surrounding Cave Creek is decorated by the natural tapestries created by the beautiful Sonoran Desert. Throughout this area, travelers can enjoy horseback riding, hiking, backpacking, camping, and many other exciting physical activities. This is also an excellent location for photographers due to the stunning landscape shots and scenery. Visitors should make every effort to spend a day at the Cave Creek Regional Park and the Gateway Desert Awareness Park. Both of these parks are rich with wildlife and a beautiful environment that will ensure the best possible outdoor experience.

Shopping and Restaurants

As one might expect at a place with such a rich culture as Cave Creek, there are numerous shops specialize in the western theme that the town is known for. Among the many shops in the town, the Black Mountain Trading Company is one that should be visited. This shop sells postcards, t-shirts, jewelry, and various western memorabilia. Other notable shops of Cave Creek include the Indian Market and Cave Creek Cowboy Company.

Cave Creek also offers several restaurants that specialize in the western experience. Most of the menu options at restaurants are influenced by Mexican and Native American cultures and are very delicious. The Navajo taco is a favorite among locals and visitors alike.


There are many hotels at Cave Creek that will ensure that visitors are comfortable after an exciting day. The Tumbleweed Hotel and the Happy Hidden Ranch Bed and Breakfast are two excellent choices that are quite cost-effective.

Cave Creek is one of the most historically rich cities in Arizona and offers excitement to people with many interests.