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Cordes Station

Normally when we write content for Arizona Tourism, we do research and compile information and then write a narrative about a location, attraction or an event. This information about Cordes Station is a bit different as it’s a first person narrative from the great-great grand daughter of the man that established the station. Although not very long, it will give you a quick history of this piece of unique Arizona.

From Cathy Cordes…
“My great-great grandparents bought Cordes in 1883.  Then it was only a small adobe stage station located on the old stage road between Prescott and Phoenix.  It was called Antelope until 1886 when they filed for a post office.

The postal dept. said they had to choose a different name because there was already a place called Antelope on the other side of the Bradshaws.  They chose their name of Cordes.  They soon expanded to serve meals, a black smith shop, bunk houses and a saloon.  In 1908 my great grandfather, Charles, took over.  He built the store in 1910.  In 1937 my grandpa, Henry, took over and kept it open until the late 60’s when I-17 went in and Cordes was bypassed.

When my grandpa heard about the new highway going in he got a small piece of land on the new freeway and built a small Chevron station.  It is called Cordes Junction after my grandpa.  The old station sat silent until almost 7 years ago when I opened it as a museum and antique store.”

If you need more information please visit Cathy’s website