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Gilbert Arizona

There are many hidden gems throughout Arizona that have their doors open to visitors from all around the nation. As one of the fastest growing communities in this region of the United States, Gilbert is a shining example of this fact, boasting of countless natural attractions, historical sites, and organized events throughout the year. They have utilized their constantly strengthening economy to build a community that prides itself in its culture and high standard of living. Its thriving business district and burgeoning recreational activities come together to give residents the ongoing opportunity to celebrate their sense of community. These qualities make it an envy of surrounding communities interested in tourism.

Among the richest of experiences offered by Gilbert are its beautiful natural resources. It takes great pride in the Riparian Preserve, home to over 200 different bird species throughout the year. Visitors can explore nearly five miles of walking trails or do some fishing from the lake in Water Ranch. The natural beauty of the landscape is preserved through the consistent efforts of Gilbert citizens to create communities that live in balance with the wetland wildlife of the area. These efforts include a strong recycled-water program and numerous education and research efforts.

Those with a taste for shopping while on vacation will find plenty of opportunities to engage their passion. San Tan Village offers hundreds of outlets that will have something for everyone’s tastes and particular style. Entertainment for the entire family can be found in this area as well. Once the shopping is done, there are plenty of highly-acclaimed restaurants in the district in addition to theaters and salons. A fascination with history is likely to lead you to the Heritage District where one can find all the preserved relics of the original town founding. This area also plays host to unique restaurants and locales that cannot be found in any of the surrounding communities.

The arts and culture of Gilbert are strong and thriving at both the Hale Center Theater and the Higley Center for Performing Arts. These venues pull in nationally and internationally known artists throughout the year. They host educational events and offer regular daytime performances for those maintaining a busy schedule of things to see and do. Gilbert Days also contributes to the enrichment of cultural life by forming a one-of-a-kind, three-day festival that celebrates the initial completion of Gilbert Road. This path was the first paved road in the city, opening the doors to further development. There is an annual 5K run, a single-mile fun run, and numerous family activities for all to enjoy. In addition, vendors from all over the area come out to provide delicious food and entertainment for all of those in attendance. The whole event is capped off with a parade and the IRPA Rodeo and carnival.

Time with the family in the natural surroundings of Gilbert offers visitors a unique vacation experience that can be rounded out with fun in the bustling downtown districts. From the beautiful sights hidden in Freestone Park to the equestrian pathways of the Central Trail System, Gilbert expands the possibilities of finding a home away from home.