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Fountain Hills is a small, scenic desert town in Arizona. It is located East of Scotsdale, about a 45 minute drive from Sky Harbor International Airport. Surrounded by sweeping mountain views and hosting a natural desert landscape, the town is full of local flavor, recreation and attractive things to do for tourists.

Fountain Hills ArizonaEstablished in 1970, Fountain Hills is a master planned community. Robert McCulloch bought the land, formerly a large cattle ranch in the late 1960s. The community was designed by Charles Woods Jr. who also designed Southern California’s Disneyland. The focal point of the town is its beautiful fountain, one of the tallest man-made fountains in the world. The fountain attracts thousands of visitors every year. It sprays a plume of water from a lily-shaped sculpture for 15 minutes at the top of every hour.

Art is a significant part of Fountain Hill’s heritage. About 100 pieces of publically displayed art grace the downtown area and public buildings. The town’s public art collection began with eight fountains placed along the Avenue of Fountains. The town has earned several accolades including Best Place to Live in the Valley of the Sun by Phoenix Magazine and Best Affordable Suburb in Arizona by Business Week Magazine.

The iconic fountain is Fountain Hill’s pride and most popular landmark. With its mesmerizing jet of water, it is surrounded by the backdrop of the gorgeous McDowell Mountains. Much like Geneva, Switzerland’s famous Jet d’Eau Fountain, its plume of water can be seen miles away.

Fountain Park surrounds the fountain, providing great spots for picnics, a man-made lake and outdoor seating for viewing the fountain’s hourly show. Tourists marvel at Maytag Matilda, a sculpture in Fountainside Plaza created from recycled materials by Dixie Jewell, a fabrication artist. It includes a Maytag washing machine, car parts, a tractor seat and kitchen utensils.

Hiking is popular in the area, and there are two levels of hiking. Moderate hikers love the 1.5 mile hike of Lake Overlook Trail with its view of the fountain, scenery and easy access from downtown Fountain Hills. More serious hikers cater to nearby McDowell Mountain Regional Park with more than 50 miles of trails.

Nature lovers will love a stroll through Fountain Hill’s Botanical Gardens. The well-maintained walking path offers up-close views of beautiful cacti, playful lizards, spiders and quail. Stop and rest on one of the benches along the way.

Plenty of good putting is available for golfers, with four attractive golf clubs in the area. In fact, some of these courses are the most beautiful in the state. Eagle Mountain is cut into the side of a mountain with outstanding views from almost every hole. This is one of our favorite courses in Arizona.

If gambling is your sport, you can try your luck at the Fort McDowell Casino with slot machines and Bingo.

Tourists rave over the great food and accommodations around town. Don’t miss the delicious Southwestern style barbecue served at the edge of Fountain Park. It’s great for a picnic lunch in Fountain Park. Mingle with the locals at Flapjacks, a kid-friendly breakfast and brunch restaurant on Palisades Boulevard. Try one of their unique oven-baked pancakes in flavors like nutty-apple, banana-nut and orange-cranberry. Adults can find cozy late-night entertainment at Grapeables Wine Bar and Lounge. They feature a special gluten-free menu, Wi-Fi, BYOB, live music and outdoor seating.

Vacation accommodations in Fountain Hills include classy hotels and suites, rustic villas, dreamy condos and townhomes, a desert hacienda and a luxurious mountainside home.

Experience the stark beauty of the Arizona desert, beautiful mountain views, local art and ambiance, delicious local cuisine and comfortable accommodations with a vacation in Fountain Hills.