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The Largest Stand of Ponderosa Pines

by TrailBoss
Ponderosa Pine trees in Arizona

The Coconino National Forest is home to the largest stand of Ponderosa Pine trees in the world. It is one of six National Forests in Arizona and covers 1.8 million acres of varied landscape and elevation.  The elevation is as low as 2,600 feet and rises to the top of the San Francisco Peaks at 12, 633 feet.

The Coconino National Forest also contains one of the most distinctive geological features in the the state, the Mogollon Rim. The rim is a 1,000 foot cliff that runs for miles across central Arizona at the edge of the forest.

The forest landscape varies from the ponderosa pine through alpine tundra and down to semiarid desert.

The forest has many opportunities for families with 6,300 miles of scenic roads, 21 single unit type campgrounds with 558 total sites. There are also group campgrounds available. In addition to the forest roads and camping sites, the park has lakes and streams where visitors can fish, boat or swim.

For hikers there are over 320 miles of hiking trails that wind through 10 designated wilderness areas that cover over 160,000 acres.

The Coconino National Forest welcomes you whether you are hiking, on horseback, hiking, skiing or taking your off-road vehicle for a spin.

For more information on the Forest and for permit information visit:  http:www.fs.fed.us/r3/coconino

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