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Tempe Diablo Stadium

Tempe Diablo Stadium

The Anaheim Angels Spring Training games are played at Tempe Diablo Stadium.  Although over 40 years old, Tempe Diablo Stadium has seen two major renovations over the past two decades with the most recent updates completed in 2006.

What could be better than baseball, hot dogs and a sunny day in Tempe, Arizona? Nothing! And, that makes Anaheim Angels Spring Training an excellent reason to plan a trip to Tempe.

The World Champion Anaheim Angels call Tempe , Arizona home for spring training. From March 3rd – April 4th, you can preview their next sensational season at Tempe Diablo Stadium, located at 2200 W. Alameda Drive .

Tempe Diablo Stadium, which overlooks Gene Autry Field, is nestled at the base of the Tempe Buttes and its well known for its stunning view of the local rock formation that rises above the park in left field.

The A’s stadium holds just under 10,000 fans with 3,570 grandstand seats and 3,231 ‘in-stadium’ seats. There is lawn seating for 2,300 with 154 disabled and companion seats.

The upper level suites have a combined capacity of 60. Standing room makes up the remaining total. All seating is below the concourse. The seating bowl extends from the right foul pole to half way between third base and the left field foul pole. From there a berm begins and extends all the way to the hitters’ backdrop in left-center field.

Within the seating bowl, all seats between the dugouts have chair backs. Those beyond are bleacher-style benches with seatbacks.

Tempe Diablo Stadium
2200 W. Alameda Drive
Tempe, Arizona

Map of Tempe Diable Stadium Location