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Phoenix Municipal Stadium

Phoenix Municipal Stadium received an $8 million dollar make over in 2005 and even with the makeover, spring training enthusiasts will tell you the Phoenix Muni is about the game, not the park. Although spartan by many of the new spring training facilities, Phoenix Muni’s attraction is it’s central location and the fact that it’s home to the Oakland Athletics.

Phoenix Muni as it’s known throughout the ‘valley’, seats just under 10,000 fans and has limited luxury seating.

Check out the Phoenix Zoo or Papago State Park after the game as they are located right near the park.

There is no outfield berm seating like in many of the other spring training stadiums. In fact the area behind the outfield fence is off-limits and undeveloped.

You will find elevated grassy picnic areas including concession stands in the corners of both outfields.

At the time of this writing, parking at Phoenix Muni is set at $5 in the stadium’s paved parking lot.

If you’re an Oakland Athletics fan please note that they will bel playing in the renovated Hohokam Park in Mesa in 2015.

Phoenix Municipal Stadium
5999 E. Van Buren
Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix Muni Map