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Maryvale Baseball Park

by TrailBoss

Maryvale Baseball Park is the home for the Brewers’ Spring Training games and is located in the Phoenix west side suburb of Maryvale. This award-winning Cactus League facility is located just outside of the metro area.

Maryvale Baseball Park is a state-of-the-art complex with ample parking and easy access. There is not a bad seat in the house with the recessed playing field and the shaded concourse which provided an uninterrupted view of the entire field.

All the seats in Maryvale Park have ‘backs’. Built in 1998, the stadium holds 8,000 fans with 7,000 in the seats and up to 1,000 in the outfield berm.

The 56-acre complex features of five full major/minor league practice facilities, two half-field practice facilities, a major-league clubhouse, and a minor-league clubhouse.

Maryvale Baseball Park
3600 N. 51st Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona

Maryvale Baseball Park Map