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Hohokam Park

Hohokam Stadium, also known as Dwight W. Patterson Field and formerly Hohokam Park, is  located in Mesa, Arizona.

Formerly the home of the Chicago Cubs, starting in 2015, it will be the spring training home of Major League Baseball’s Oakland Athletics.

Hohokam Stadium, located in Mesa, Arizona was the spring training home Chicago Cubs, and has been major league baseball’s most popular spring training venue. Almost a quarter million fans attend Cubs spring training games.

Boasting the largest capacity in the Cactus League, more than 240,000 attendees pass through its gates each March.

HoHoKam Park is operated by the city of Mesa with assistance from the HoHoKams, a local service organization.

The stadium has 7,500 fixed seats and can accomodate an additional 2,500 spectators on the grass berms, includes one practice field and one practice infield.

Hohokam Park is located at 1235 N. Center St., between Brown and McKellips roads in northwest Mesa.  Fitch Park is located less than one mile south, at the corner of Center and 6th Streets.

Mesa is located in central Arizona approximately 10 miles east of Phoenix, and only 20 minutes from Sky Harbor International Airport.  With a population close to 1/2 million residents, Mesa ranks as the third largest city in Arizona, behind Phoenix and Tucson.

Hohokam Stadium
1235 N. Center Street
Mesa, Arizona

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