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Where is Scottsdale Arizona

by TrailBoss
Scottsdale Arizona

Arizona is home to many well-known cities that offer world-renown tourist attractions from all over the world. In addition to major metropolitan areas and sites such as the Grand Canyon, Arizona is also home to many charming, smaller cities that have just as much to offer to the eager traveler. Many of these cities are only minutes outside of large destinations, making them the ideal place to book lodging and eat the majority of your meals. The more intimate atmosphere of towns such as Scottsdale allow people to avoid the crowds, lines, and other delays that come in trying to work with businesses in congested conditions. Scottsdale, Arizona is set in Maricopa county along the eastern region. It is essentially adjacent to Phoenix. This Arizona city is surrounded by other popular locations that include Paradise Valley, Fountain Hills, Carefree, and the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community. The population of over 221,000 residents allows this area to maintain a vibrant culture of its own without burdening people with the hassles common to crowded life in the city.

Scottsdale has a reputation of taking everything that is wonderful about a coastal town and placing it in a desert location. The businesses engaged in the tourist industry in Scottsdale take pride in bringing the passion of new experiences in an unfamiliar surrounding to every guest whom they welcome. An easy way to get the ball rolling on adventure is to explore the many outdoor activities that are set against the stunning Arizona landscape. Among the most popular of these activities are hot-air ballon rides, kayaking, rock climbing, and plane tours on water-outfitted aircraft. The children in the family also enjoy exploring sections of the region in open dune-buggies. Travelers can see more of the great outdoors of Scottsdale along bike trails, guided jeep tours, and designated heritage trails.

Mother nature is not the only person creating great beauty in this portion of Arizona. There are plenty of art museums to explore and cultural events that are taking place all throughout the year. Scottsdale is also home to some of the most famous architectural designs from Frank Loyd Wright. His Prairie Home Architecture Series stands proudly in the desert landscape, taking the pristine beauty of the natural surroundings and merging them with living spaces that allow people to merge and feel at peace with their natural surroundings.

There is a pleasant mixture of both progressive attractions and cultural preservation within the borders of Scottsdale. The Spanish-American culture offers many dining delicacies and energetic music that will enliven any night out on the town. The Native American community also maintains a strong presence, hosting dances, craft events, and demonstrations of their most cherished traditions. These events create an atmosphere that is inviting and exciting for every member of the family.

Choices in lodging while in Scottsdale are rather extensive. There are luxury accommodations that pamper visitors in calming and decorative settings. Those travelers who wish to find something less flamboyant can explore the possibilities that come with more rustic establishments that model themselves after the traditional lodgings of the residents that have raised generations of family in the area. Should you want your journey to be completely about calming your nerves and melting the tension within your muscles, then you can book a stay at one of the many spas that thrive in the area. They are able to use the unique resources to create a retreat experience that is unlike any other in the country.

From your home base of Scottsdale, travelers are ideally suited to make journeys to some of Arizona’s richest natural features. These formations include elegant waterfalls, mesas, and plateaus that have formed naturally over millions of years. There are also opportunities to go to plentiful fishing spots that are fed by the waters of surrounding rivers and lakes. There are also many preserved monuments from the past as well as recreations of the events from the days of the Wild West in the region.

The traditional activities that people think of doing during vacation are plentiful in Scottsdale as well. Luxury golf courses, swimming pools, and bustling night clubs are spread throughout the city, allowing anyone to find something that fits their tastes. Many of the golf courses in the area host regionally-renown tournaments and are set in some of the most scenic areas that Scottsdale has to offer. Arizona also allows the summer to extend much further into the year thanks to the desert climate. Warmer and pleasant temperatures extend well in the middle of October. In fact, each season has something different to offer to visitors. Many of the most popular resorts and restaurants offer special discounts and specifically tailored menus that are meant to celebrate the changes that are coming to the region. Being situated just a short drive from Phoenix, Scottsdale is the ideal location from which to explore Arizona’s rich landscape or merely to discover a hidden gem that has plenty to offer on its own.


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