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Sedona Vortex Locations

by TrailBoss

Sedona is a mythical, magic place because of the vortices or concentrated energy spots. These vortices are said to be lines of power where the earth’s energy fields intersect.

These giant magnets of energy are charged either positively (female) or negatively (male) charged. These are the so called yin and yang of energy.

There are four main vortices in Sedona. They are located in the following areas.

  • Boynton Canyon
  • Cathedral Rock
  • Bell Rock
  • Airport Mesa

In addition to these main vortices, depending on who you believe, there are another 15 or so in the area. The vortex areas are easy to find. You can get a map of the locations from many of the shops around Sedona.

The simple explanation of a vortex is that it is a site of enhanced energy created by the intersection of ley lines. This creates either a masculine or feminine energy. Sedona is special in that these energy fields are in close proximity to each other and close to the city of Sedona. Many visitors use these areas to meditate, pray. Some claim they can feel the energy from the rocks. you can visit these energy fields in

A wide variety of information sources on vortices are available including: Television documentaries (PBS – Nova), lectures, books and vortex guides are available through bookstores and the many Spiritual Centers located throughout Sedona. Tap into Sedona’s local energy fields.

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