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Queen Mine Tour

Queen Mine Tour

One-hour tours of the Queen Mine give 50,000 visitors a year a taste of what it was like for miners to dig copper and other minerals out of Bisbee’s hillsides and a slice of the area’s history from the perspective of a mine that played a central role in Bisbee’s boom times. The tours began in 1976, a year after the Phelps Dodge Corp. closed the mine.

Visitors are issued heavy-duty yellow rain ponchos and hard hats with battery-powered lamps and take a 1,500-foot ride on converted mine cars into the cool, damp, pitch-black mine shaft. The tours are escorted by retired miners who show off veins of copper and other minerals and equipment used in mining, share their experiences, and describe the area’s rich mining history. The tours run five times a day, seven times a week, but reservations are recommended in the peak winter months. Visitors are encouraged to wear jackets or sweaters because the temperature inside the mine stays at 47 degrees year-round. Children are welcome. The gift shop sells gems and souvenirs.

478 North Dart Road
Bisbee, AZ 85603
(520) 432-2071

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