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Muheim Heratige House

The Muheim Heritage House Museum, a Registered National Historic site, is in the former home of Bisbee entrepreneur Joseph M. Muheim Sr. and his wife, Carmelita. It has been restored with period furnishings as an example of 19th Century architecture and offers panoramic views from its spot on Youngblood Hill above Old Bisbee.

Construction of the house began in 1898. The first four rooms were finished in 1902, and six rooms were added as the family grew, the last in 1915. The architecture is noteworthy because of the semicircular porch. The house served as the family residence until 1975, when it was donated to the city. It opened as a museum in 1980.

Joseph Muheim emigrated from Switzerland in 1883 and brewed beer for Bisbee miners before becoming a mining and real estate investor. He erected the Muheim Block, a red brick structure near the bottom of Brewery Gulch, in 1905. It housed his Brewery Saloon, a branch of the New York Stock Exchange and the Edelweis restaurant. Later, he was a co-founder of the Miners & Merchants Bank, located in downtown Bisbee.

The Muheim museum is a 10-minute walk up Brewery Gulch from the Mining & Historical Museum, taking visitors past the Muheim Block (watch for the “Brewery” sign above the main entrance).

207 Youngblood Hill
Bisbee, AZ 85603
(520) 432-7698

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