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Arizona Trail Etiquette

by TrailBoss

With the large volume of hikers on trails in Arizona it’s important for hikers to try to leave no trace. The rule is; if you pack it in then you need to pack it out. If you see trash left by other hikers pick it up and pack it out too.

If nature calls while you’re out on the trail, make sure you dispose of human waste properly. Bury waste at least 6 inches deep and at least 200 feet from any water source or trail. Remember to also pack out your toilet paper. Yes, you need to pack it out too. Use zip lock bags for this.

Another thing to remember is you should leave it where you find it. Don’t disturb plants or flowers, as this vegetation helps prevent erosion on the trail.

Try to be considerate of others as you hike. You should always yield to uphill hikers. Try to be as quiet as you can because many people are hiking the trail for the solitude.

And finally, hike on designated trails. Don’t create new trails because this destroys fragile cryptobiotic soil crust and desert vegetation.

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