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Mike Huber – Arizona Tourism Featured Photographer

Arizona – Unique and Eclectic landscape photography

  • Havasu Falls Arizona
  • Oak Creek Arizona
  • Bisbee Arizona

I love traveling the state of Arizona.  The landscape is so varied and open.  These conditions make it a great place to take pictures.  I started taking pictures with a 35mm range finder camera that my father gave me when I was 15 and have been hooked ever since.  Having lived in Arizona almost 30 years, I have a number of photographs from around the state.

I chose three of my favorites in the images above.  Havasu Falls on the Hulapai Reservation is actually 5 photos stitched together.  After stitching them, I took some time and used a few high dynamic range tools and edited the photo.  Although it looks a bit surreal, it’s very close to what it looks like in-person.

The second photo is of Oak Creek Canyon which is near Sedona.  David Alley and I spent the day taking photos and this is one of the places we stopped.  It had snowed the night before so it was a perfect time to get a shot of the creek.

Finally, the third photo was taken in Bisbee, Arizona.  I happened to be there on business the night before and I was leaving town, I stopped for breakfast at the Breakfast Club.  Just down the street, I saw this old taxi and a number of other vintage vehicles.  Of course, I had my camera with me and I couldn’t resist stopping to take a few.  Bisbee is an old mining town, rich in history with antique shops restaurants and other attractions that are great for a weekend visit.

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