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Top 10 Arizona Hot Air Balloon Companies

by TrailBoss
Arizona Hot Air Balloons
Hot air ballooning offers passengers the opportunity to “touch the sky” and experience breathtaking views. Arizona’s already elegant desertscape is worth seeing from up high. Whether you’re in search of romantic outing ideas, an unforgettable excursion, or an opportunity to advertise in style, hot air ballooning is a worthy choice. Here are the top 10 hot air balloon companies in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area, and their unique features.

1. Equinox Hot Air Balloon Rides

Equinox is owned and run by a couple that are known in the Phoenix area for treating their customers like family. In addition to getting a balloon ride, with Equinox, travelers receive entertaining company and equally compelling stories that punctuate the scenic context with meaning. Equinox is also known for their scenic routes. Instead of flying over subdivisions, they make a point to travel over jagged mountains, lush fields, and colorful landscape. Depending on the weather conditions, their routes change. They generally fly over the Sonoran Desert and meet in Goodyear, Arizona. Call 480-280-9002 to learn more.

2. Arizona Hot Air Balloons, Inc.

A ride with Arizona Hot Air Balloons, Inc. includes a catered breakfast, and chilled champagne when the ride ends. This balloon company offers fresh fruit, finger food, and pastries to compliment the sunrise and excellent views. They typically fly over the Sonoran Desert and give visitors a view of the Bradshaw Mountains. 480-282-8686 for reservations.

3. Aerogalic Ballooning

Aerogalic Ballooning takes off from Phoenix and rides over the Sonoran Desert. They offer a variety of ballooning experiences that range from group rides to individual night rides. Their prices range from $149 per person to $799 per couple, and they offer sharp discounts for individual rides at ballooning festivals. Passengers who choose the night ride will reach an elevation of as high as 5,000 feet above the ground. Call 480-247-7813 for reservations.

4. Rainbow Ryders

Rainbow Ryders are conveniently located in Phoenix, Albuquerque, and Queen Creek / Mesa. They offer a variety of ballooning services, and are the one of few companies to provide corporate hot air balloon advertising. They also offer a marriage balloon ride where passengers can host their actual wedding in the basket of a floating balloon. Call 800-725-2477

5. Hot Air Expeditions

Hot Air Expeditions is located near the Deer Valley Airport in Phoenix and boasts 20 years of ranking as the best ballooning service in the area according to Fodor’s Travel Guides. Each of their rides includes agourmet meal after the excursion. Call 800-502-6999 for details.

6. Soaring Adventures of America

Soaring Adventures of America is a national ballooning company with multiple locations in Arizona including Scottsdale, Casa Grande, Flagstaff, Lake Havasu City, Marana, Phoenix, Sedona, and Tucson. They’re known for affordable rides, with seasonal discounts as low as $50 per ride. Call 800-762-7464 to book a reservation.

7. 2FlyUsHot Air Balloon Rides

2FlyUs flies out of Phoenix and they offer the most affordable individual sunset ride, at $175 per person. Their pilot has been in the ballooning business for over 20 years and is equally proficient in morning and evening rides.

8. Apex Balloons

Apex Balloons are located in Phoenix, among other national locations. When passengers ride with this company, they’ll have the opportunity to take a slightly longer ride than with other companies, and to reach higher elevations. Apex flies over the Sonoran Desert.

9. Firebird Balloons

Firebird Balloons take flights over Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Glendale. They specialize in personalized rides, and carry a maximum of four passengers per ride. They’re known for hosting romantic outings, from dates, to wedding proposals, to hot air balloon weddings.

10. Float Balloon Tours

Float Balloon Tours are located in Phoenix. They offer the unique opportunity to take a landscape photography class with a professional photographer while enjoying a boon ride. The class cost $280 and includes individualized instruction. What do you think?  Do you agree with our list?  Who did we miss?  Please leave a comment if you’d like to add to this post. Pricing and packages were accurate the date this article was published.  Check with the company to update any rates and packages.

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