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Show Low Arizona Vacation Guide

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A quaint destination of sprawling national forests, singing waters, and towering mountains rests on the Mogollon Rim in east central Arizona: the mountain town of Show Low. This city is known for its lovely, mild four seasons and an abundance of recreational activities. The showcase of the Arizona White Mountains, the city is encompassed by beautiful scenery, making for a wonderful year-round destination.

Legend claims that Show Low earned its name from a marathon poker game between warring settlers Marion Clark and C.E. Cooley, who had agreed that there was not enough space for both of them on the 100,000 acres they were bartering. The card game would decide who would move and according to tale, it was Clark who proclaimed “If you can show low, you win.” Turning up the deuce of clubs , Cooley answered back, “Show low it is.” In remembrance, the main street of the city was named “Deuce of Clubs”.

Show Low is known mainly for its scenic attractions since it is located so closely to the beautiful White Mountains and Mogollon Rim, providing a vast selection of campgrounds, pristine lakes, and picturesque trails that are all perfect for campers, fishermen, and hikers. Boating and fishing are highly popular in the many lakes and streams offered so near, including Show Low Lake, White Mountain Lake, Rainbow Lake, and the Fool Hollow Lake Recreation Area. At Sunrise Park Resort there is snow skiing on the White Mountain Apache Indian Reservation, which provides eight ski lifts, one T-bar, and 65 runs.

A mere 15 miles west of Show Low, is Arizona’s only covered bridge in Pinedale, and nearby are Apache, Navajo, Zuni, and Hopi Indian Reservations. Within 20 miles are five 18-hole golf courses, including a new Disk Gold Course in Show Low City Park.

Sightseeing is available within Show Low and the surrounding areas like the Show Low Historical Society Museum, which documents the settlement of life in Arizona from the 1870s to 1940s, including the Whipple Ruins excavated in 1927. Other fun activities include the Pioneer Home Tours, which show off the 45 historic homes in the registry and nearby Apache County Historical Museum and Little House Museum.

Fool Hollow Lake Recreation Area

Fool Hollow Lake is a recreation area commended for its serene location, well maintained camping environment and scenic trails. The lake is perfect for boating or fishing and the surrounding shores and acreage are stunning and accommodating campsites while the park itself offers nature tours throughout the year.

White Mountains

The White Mountains offer breathtaking views for miles and miles. The cooler temperatures – generally 30 degrees cooler than Phoenix or Tucson – and tall trees offer a perfect climate for hiking the many trails ready and waiting for explorers. Nearby there is a plethora of lodges, cabins, campsites and resorts to choose from, ready to accommodate all traveling budgets and preferences.